Here are few reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Bulgaria. Those who study in Bulgaria do so with very good reasons. It is a country located in the south eastern part of Europe, which is under the European union and is known to be Europe’s 14th largest country. Studying in Bulgaria is affordable has it offers one of the cheapest educational and living cost in Europe. Bulgaria is most popular for attracting an ever increasing number of international students who want to build a career in the medicine and other popular fields.

Work and study opportunity in Bulgaria

While studying in Bulgaria you will get the opportunity to also work. There is always the option of being a full time or part time for the European students but as an international student you are only allowed to study as a full time student, but you will get the opportunity to work while on vacation or holidays to get some experience. Undergraduate or Masters Degree holders are usually given the opportunity to apply and work in very good and big companies in Bulgaria. Students who are going to study medicine in Bulgaria are free to do their internship years anywhere across the EU and other countries as well.

Religion and weather condition in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a rich diversity of students from all over the world. This comprises of about 84.6% Bulgarians, 8.9% Turkish, 4.8% Romans and about 1.7% from other countries including Nigerian. the majority of people in Bulgaria are Christians and the first Germanic language book that was written in the 4th century was the Wulfila bible. Bulgaria which is a part of the central Europe has a temperate continental climate and can normally exist in various weather forms like hot summers, long and cold winters, snowfalls that can normally exist throughout the country from December to mid -march . Bulgaria has an average temperature of 8`c in the north 11`c in the south, 2.6`c in the mountain areas and 12`c in the plains.

Quality of education in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known to have a very high standard and level of education. Degrees obtained from Bulgaria are highly recognized all over the world. Some Bulgarian Universities offer English, French or German programs and give you the opportunity to earn double/dual degree. A Bulgarian degree and another degree from partner universities, so it’s possible to get a foreign degree from their universities as well.

General safety in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a very safe and interesting environment for living and studying as well. It is a very peaceful place to live and study as you find loads of interesting things around your neighborhood. You can always spend your days outside the school work environment pottering around the gardens and your evenings outside watching the sun go down over a glass of homemade wine just like your neighbors.

Travel opportunities in Bulgaria

Studying in Bulgaria affords you the opportunity to visit and experience life in other countries as it is an European union member country. You are able to easily visit other countries in the EU while on vacation or holiday. If you are not traveling, get ready to entertain and mix with visitors as Bulgaria is a choice tourist destination for foreigners as it is full of fun and creativity. As an international student so much things awaits you.