Mr. Man Bahadur Rai

Our consultancy Life Track works for those students who have finished SLC and +2, by counseling them on further studies abroad.

All aspiring Nepali students find our expert services reliable, responsible and friendly. That’s why they want to go through Life Track to study abroad and achieve globally recognized academic qualifications.

In this generation all corporations start their work with their own respective aims and mottos. Our Life Track also has its own aim and motto. It liaises with the reputed overseas colleges and universities, signs agreements with them, suitably counsels students and recruits them for the selected foreign colleges and universities.

We proudly announce that by adopting such vital and innovative aims our Life Track International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd has become a leader in the field. Individually each of  us management member has over 12 years’ experience in the field, having previously worked for long years for Nepal’s earlier leading education consultancies and recruited several hundred students. Now with adequate experience and confidence we are moving ahead in promoting higher studies abroad for eligible Nepali students.

In Nepal there are hardly any opportunities available yet to study some of the very important courses like Pilot, Aeronautics, Petroleum, Biomedicine, Chemical Engineering and some more.  Our nation needs to be able to launch such programs at our own institutions; otherwise our students will go abroad for to study such subjects. Medical courses are taught in Nepal but with very limited seats and unhealthy completion in the selection process. This makes the rest of the students go abroad for studies.

Those Nepali students who have chosen normal courses and gone abroad cherish big ambitions to obtain international degrees and go in search of opportunities for settling abroad with PR and lucrative jobs. That is the basic reason our students decide to study abroad. This trend has been going up.

In order to give these students fact-based counseling and rightly guide them, our company has been working for the last 12 years.  So many years of experience has made our company the most favored option of Nepali students for taking our expert services for studies in many countries of the world. To facilitate and show the right path to their destination study countries our consultancy team always exercises professionalism and shares factual counseling for their better future career via abroad studies.

I strongly stress that Nepali students should be fully aware that after completion of studies from abroad they should come back to Nepal to serve the nation and share their international experience, like in the system of education, culture and tradition and the method of development so that our nation may prosper. They should form the nation’s manpower with their internationally acquired skills.