Services to International Colleges and Universities

Our team members who are certified officially by the Ministry of Education (MoE), Nepal and also by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), being vastly experienced, guide the students in such a way that the students find our counseling most helpful and factual also. Thus we select eligible and serious students for our partner Institutes and follow the terms and conditions laid by them. We provide highly professional and effective service to our partner Institutes.

Also we would be responsible as their integral part and do our best to serve our partner Institutes to conveniently recruit students from Nepal.

Professional and factual counseling:-

Our counselor remains up to date with your infrastructure, status and future plans, and disseminate the actual situation prevailing. Judging a particular students’ aptitude and antecedents they are advised as to which colleges/universities would be most suitable.

Promotional activities of your Institutes and courses also:-

By our extensive promotional drives in the popular media coupled with individual counseling about your campus and programs. Thereby we create a positive image about you in the local market, attract the right students and make your campus popular.

Organizing seminar and interaction or information session programs:-

We invite your direct participation in our country, at our office and facilitate your direct interaction with the eligible students. Thus you can select the students, interview them and offer admission as well.

Keep up the reputation and brands of your Institute:-

We inform the students, their guardians and general public about your institute, safeguard your reputation and further promote it in Nepal.

Market updates:-

We update you on the trend in the market and inform you about the right season or date to hold seminars for the most optimum outcome. When so the various academic results are announced and when to catch the right students for you are taken care of by us.

Full support during education fairs and seminars:-

We will extend, managerial support, promotional materials distribution including your visitors’ accommodation.

Periodical follow up:-

We keep ourselves updated about activities and take appropriate follow up actions.

Moreover we offer to be guided and suitably instructed by you for our further services.